Oct 7 - Oct 14

Tahoeanime special event

Forged in the deep caves of tahoeanime, this item of legendary status once used as a covering for a golden age relic, is ready for a new guardian to dawn its wolf emblazoned hood. This cloak has seen its fair share of the battlefield and should your power be great enough to champion this event this item shale be yours.


               Legendary Iron banner Hunter Cloak

How to join this event:

Starting Oct 7 you will be able to go to

and bid on the Destiny Iron Banner Cloak. The auction will run for one week and end on oct 14. shipping will be free in the US, outside of the US the winner will be contacted and special arrangements will be made.

This cloak was made for Craig Hardgrove and used in a special photo shoot with the Mars curiosity rover. So not only will you get a piece of awesome destiny gear but also the first piece of cosplay gear to be used on a piece of NASA equipment.

Special thanks to Guardian Radio Network and Ready up Live for their support of this project. Money raised from this auction will be collected by myself and then personally donated to the Guardian Radio Networks seattle childrens hospital extra life campaign.

SPECIAL SPECIAL thanks to my wife for helping with this project, I know it was a little nerve wracking not being able to work from a pattern (and having me look over your shoulder every 5 sec) but the sewing turned out amazing. pretty sure it wouldnt have turned out half as good if i tried to sew it together.

If you have any Questions or comments please email me at: or hit me up on twitter @tahoeanime

click this image to see how the cloak was builtDestiny_hunter_cloak_2.html